Hi, my name is Zoƫ (Pen Name Serefina).

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved to read. I read a variety of genres, but I did always end up in the Paranormal Romance section. But sue me. I LOVE IT! Most of my reading is done on my commute to work in London…seriously this is the best way to deal with long commutes! Over the course of my 30 something years of life (eppp), I have read such a variety of books. Nothing beats curling up on the sofa (or bed) getting lost in the world of fiction! My current genre preferences are fantasy and regency romances – yeah, pretty strange combo.

A few years ago I decided to create a book blog because I needed to share my thoughts with avid readers. I have friends who like to read, but don’t consume 40-50 books in a year as I do. Then there are the friends who just don’t read the same genres I did, which lead to awkward conversations on what everyone should be reading. I don’t discriminate; I love to speak with anyone, age, race or gender. Feed me your thoughts!

I am currently working my way through my backlog of TBRs and also trying and complete my yearly Reading Goals. But that can get pretty tedious. So please send me recommendations on what books you think I should read or if you would like me to review any. I always love an excuse to read more!!